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Proposition 2
by George Burton


November 01, 2004

The whole point of Proposition 2 is to decriminalize marijuana use for adults. I for one can't see sending a responsible adult to jail just because he is a user of an herb. Yes it is stronger these days, you can thank the Dutch horticulturists for that, as well as the many varieties of tulips and sweet peppers they have come up with over the years. This means you don't need as much thus saving you from that horrible smokers cough that many cigarette smokers get.

Contrary to popular belief a lot of companies are tolerant and don't drug test. They just don't want to see it in the workplace. They trust their employees. Of course airline pilots, drivers, school teachers and other ilk are not advised to use marijuana. Makes sense to me. Also use by kids under 21 is not advised. Get your education first, then when you are of age you can drink all you want and smoke whatever you like. Preferably in the comfort of your home. Driving while intoxicated on anything is not a good idea. If caught, you will end up in jail with real criminals.

The whole point here folks, is tolerance. Yes, it is legal in the Netherlands to a certain point. That's where tolerance comes in. They tolerate marijuana and hash. Probably the reason most of their teenagers don't get into marijuana. Why are the Europeans more tolerant than Americans? Most of us can trace our lineage back to somewhere in Europe. Didn't we learn anything from religious persecution? Will marijuana users continue to be persecuted for using an herb that the older generation doesn't understand? (btw I'm in my fifties ) What is the older generation so scared of? Alcohol is so much more dangerous than pot. It's even legal.

Tolerance people. Just because you are against something like marijuana, doesn't mean you have to like it. So you hate it because you are afraid of it; doesn't mean you have to send honest citizens to jail. I don't like religion, but I tolerate it, probably because some commie years ago said that, religion was the opium of the people. Hey, we all need a crutch from time to time.

Vote your heart people, that is what has made this country so great.

In the meantime, I'm going to study the Dutch language, in case I have to leave this oppressed country to one that is much freer, and more tolerant.

George Burton
Juneau, AK - USA



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