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Six Locals Honored by Ketchikan Youth Court


November 28, 2003
Friday - 12:45 am

Ketchikan, AK - Gretchen Klein. Ketchikan Youth Court Program Coordinator announced that the Ketchikan Youth Court recently held the Ketchikan Youth Courts' 2nd annual awards banquet. Klein said, "There were six awards given out to youth court members, business donators, and adult volunteers." Klein said awards were presented for serving more than 200 hours of service or donating over $5,000.00 to the program over the years.

Klein said, "The amount the community supports this program is above and beyond what anyone can ask!"

Quoting the news release, "These people have excelled over the years or have surprised KYC with their willingness to go beyond the call of duty. KYC realizes that there are many other youth and adults who have helped make this program a success."

Ketchikan Youth Court Presented Awards To:

Jonika Farlow Youth Member
Outstanding community service and commitment to Mission of Restorative Justice
"Rookie of the Year"

Bryce Timm Youth Member
Outstanding leadership and dedication
KYC Community Project Advocate
KYC Bailiff and Judge

Stephanie Reinhardt Youth Member
Outstanding community service, kindness, leadership, and dedication

Clark Stump Adult Instructor
Outstanding leadership, instructor, and dedication

Cheryl Fultz, KYC Board Member
Our newsiest leader who is helping to create sustainability, and board structure for the KYC program.

KJ Harris of KJ's Raven's Roost KYC Top Sponsor and Ketchikan Youth Programs Advocate




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