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Houghtaling Teachers Carry On Tradition


November 25, 2003
Tuesday - 12:45 am

Ketchikan, AK - Carrying on the 'Family Traditions' of Houghtaling first graders entertaining the Pioneers, first grade teachers Lee Skidmore, Joan Mogen, Mark O'Brien, and Jan


KGBSD teacher Jan Haynes poses for the camera with her mother, Mrs. Mary McDonald who taught at Houghtaling Elementary School for 17 years.
Photo courtesy Jan Haynes
Haynes walked with their classes to the Pioneer's Home on Thursday, November 20th, where the students performed some of their favorite songs.

Haynes said, "The children have been so excited about performing."

Sam Soderstrom accompanied the voices while playing Jan Haynes' accordion which she played as a young child. Soderstrom's personal adult sized accordion broke earlier this year so Haynes loaned him her child sized accordion. Haynes added, "If anyone has an adult sized accordion they would like to donate to our music program at Houghtaling School it would be greatly appreciated."

The students passed out donuts and juice and visited with the elders. Haynes said, "It was a very special day for all, but especially for me."

Mary Daubersmith started the tradition of Houghtaling's first graders entertaining the Pioneers about sixteen years ago. Daubersmith, who recently retired, also attended the performance on Thursday.

"Albuquerque Turkey," "Bingo," "Over the River," "Itsy, Bitsy Spider," and "Grand Old Flag" are just a few songs the kids love to sing. Haynes said after the program, "All the way back to school the children were singing - and the one they sang the most was 'You're a Grand Old Flag.' It was very patriotic."




'Family Traditions'...
Saturday - November 22, 2003



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