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Photo Essay

Sister City Gift
by Tony Hatano-Worrell
photo by Masahiro Hoshiya


November 25, 2003
Tuesday - 12:45 am



Tim Currall, Superintendent Osamu Shimizu, Penny Hamlin, Tony Hatano-Worrell
Photo by Masahiro Hoshiya

Kanayama, Japan: Penny Hamlin, visiting Kanayama, Japan, presents Dave Rubin's famous "Tunnel Print" to Kanayama's Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Osamu Shimizu, on the occasion of his upcoming retirement, March 1st, 2004.

Accompanying Hamlin are, Tim Currall, this year's Exchange Teacher to Kanayama, and Tony Hatano-Worrell, Exchange Facilitator.

Mr. Shimizu has been the Superintendent for twelve of the Kanayama Exchange program's seventeen years.



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