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Governor Wishes Senator Stevens Happy Birthday
Issues Proclamation Naming "Senator Ted Stevens Appreciation Day"


November 19, 2003
Wednesday - 12:50 am

Tuesday Governor Frank Murkowski issued an executive proclamation expressing the state's appreciation to US Senator Ted Stevens, who turned 80 years old Tuesday. In the proclamation, Murkowski declared Tuesday "Senator Ted Stevens Appreciation Day," and asked Alaskans to reflect on Stevens's vitality and feistiness, in addition to the fact that he has achieved the distinguished status as an octogenarian.

Murkowski noted that before Stevens was appointed in 1968 to the Senate by Governor Walter J. Hickel, he served as a US attorney in Fairbanks, as a special counsel to the Secretary of Interior during the fight for Statehood, and then served in the Alaska Legislature.

"During his tenure he has sponsored and crafted landmark legislation such as the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, the Alaska Railroad Transfer Act, and the Stevens-Magnuson Act," Murkowski said in the proclamation. "During his 35 years in the U.S. Senate, Ted Stevens championed so many Alaska priorities and causes it would take a set of encyclopedias to document all of his accomplishments on behalf of this state."

"The federal grants and federal funding that he has secured for the state have helped Alaska build the infrastructure necessary to allow our economy to grow and survive. He has consistently abided by the motto 'the hell with politics, do what's right for Alaska.'

Murkowski also noted that Stevens was honored as Alaskan of the Century.

The Governor, who served 22 years in the US Senate with Stevens, was in Washington, DC, Tuesday and wished the Senator a happy birthday in person.


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