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'Bucho Is My Name'... Bucho and Noni Burno's story
Alaska and animal lovers, this book will steal your heart!


November 14, 2003
Friday - 1:15 am

Ketchikan, Alaska - Bucho Is My Name, written by Ketchikan residents Bucho and Noni Burno, is a heartwarming story of an abandoned Golden Retriever mix dog who finds the perfect home - in Alaska.

According to Noni Burno who was born and raised in Alaska, this story will capture your heart and the heart of any child you share it with. She said for those that have a soft spot for Alaska and dogs, this is a great children's book.

In describing their book Burno said it is "a heartwarming story of an abandoned Golden Retriever left to let fate assist him in finding the perfect home and a wonderful lady to discover what an awesome friendship the right dog and person can make."

You will read a story in the dog's words - how scary and lonely it is to be abandoned yet how special it is to find just the right home that he can reside in forever. Bucho shares his journey with you and plants the seed for more stories to come about the magic of living in Alaska.

And... Bucho Is My Name is packed full of beautiful color photos of the magical rainforest area of Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska.

This story will touch the hearts of those from 4 to 104. According to Noni Burno, there will be more stories of the two as they discover the magic of friendship and Alaska Tidefindings.

Bucho Is My Name can purchased at the online bookstore Publish America under the children's book section or type Bucho in the search box. Burno said that people can also write to her at and Bucho and Burno will personally autograph the book for you!



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