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ADFY Members Receive Award For Creative Ad


November 5, 2003
Wednesday - 1:20 am

Ketchikan, Alaska - ADFY Director Marya Tyler said Alaskans for Drug Free Youth (ADFY) members are interested in saving lives, not winning awards. Nevertheless, they were awarded the highest radio broadcast award in the state - the Goldie Award - at the recent


Alaskans for Drug Free Youth (ADFY) members
proudly display the Goldie Award
they received for "Dreams"...
photo courtesy ADFY
Alaska Broadcasters Association convention.

Ketchikan High School and Revilla students Lawrence Stanley-Dalton, Kyle Reed, Cody Race, Chelsea Goucher, Natasha Callahan, and T.W. Streeper; and Schoenbar Middle School students Karlee Olsen, Vanessa Johnson, Brooke Smart, Tina Elmer, Ashley Hickman as an ADFY team put together a public service ad called "Dreams" which received the 2003 Goldie Award for broadcasting, the most prestigious award in radio.

According to information provided by ADFY, the ad which was originally written by ADFY Director Marya Tyler was completely revamped by the students who liked the gist of it but weren't too keen on the dreams Tyler had proposed. So completely adlib and with the production assistance of KFMJ's Julie Slanaker, the students recorded their own dreams - the final line..."Drugs destroy dreams."

The students received their award at Ketchikan High School on October 29th. Copies of the plaque will hang at KFMJ radio and at the ADFY Prevention Services' office located in the Westflight Building.

Julie Slanaker of KFMJ encouraged the students to do more public service ads and Tyler said the students are eager to do just that.

The original script for the radio ad:

I've got dreams for the future.
Someday I want to work for the FBI as an investigator...
I want to work construction and drive a forklift...
I want to go to be a fashion designer and make...
I want to have my own charter fishing operation and...
I want to learn a foreign language and teach....
I want to design video games and make computers that will...
I want to work for the Forest Service as a kayak ranger...
I want to learn to cook and have my own restaurant like maybe...
I want to get really good at snowboarding and be an instructor at a ski resort...
I want to be a nurse and take care of the orphans in Africa... (sound of tape winding down)
Drugs destroy dreams.




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Source of News Release:

Ketchikan General Hospital - Alaskans for Drug Free Youth Prevention Services


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