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Summer 2022 Alaska Fuel Price Report & Delivery Update


October 09, 2022

(SitNews) Anchorage, Alaska - The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED) released the results from its recent survey of fuel retailers across 100 Alaskan communities. These results are summarized in the Alaska Fuel Price Report, a semi-annual report on heating fuel and unleaded gasoline prices in both rural and urban communities across the state.

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The Summer 2022 report surveyed unleaded gasoline prices across 100 communities. The findings show that the average price for unleaded gasoline was $6.73 per gallon, a 27 percent increase from the Winter 2022 report findings. The latest findings are also eight percent higher than the previously highest reported average of $6.24 per gallon in the Summer of 2014.

Notably, coastal communities in western Alaska and communities along Alaska’s major river systems have a limited window in which to receive fuel due to rough waters, ice buildup, and shallow river depths. Communities in these areas generally have one or two fuel deliveries in the summer, then fuel prices remain fixed until the following year’s fuel delivery. This means that prices are likely to remain high in these communities, even when prices fall elsewhere in the state.

“The increase in fuel prices is a national concern,” said DCCED Commissioner Julie Sande. “But, those increases will have a far greater impact on the daily needs of Alaskans living in the most rural areas of our state. We encourage communities to utilize our Bulk Fuel Loan program to alleviate some of that burden.”

The Alaska Fuel Price Report was first conducted in 2005 to provide reliable and consistent pricing data in parts of the state where information had been largely anecdotal. The survey data and report help to inform decision-making related to the state’s Bulk Fuel Loan Program, the Alaska State Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and other public and private entities.

The Alaska Fuel Price Report: Summer 2022 is conducted by the Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA), which is housed within DCCED. The report can be found online. Links to historical fuel price data are contained within the report. Information about DCRA’s Bulk Fuel Loan Program is also available online.

Delivery Status Update:

The State of Alaska Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) requested all fuel delivery vendors to participate in a short meeting on October 04, 2022 to assess and discuss fuel shipments to Western Alaska communities.

Those participating were: Crowley, Delta Western, NS Energy, Andrew Air, Vitus Marine, and representatives of Calista Corporation. The vendors were asked the following:

  1. Status of fuel deliveries

  2. Potential Issues

  3. Ability to assist fuel delivery to communities before freeze-up, if needed

No issues were raised by the vendors during the meeting except the perennial reliance on good weather. Several vendors stated they would be willing to assist if another vendor cannot make delivery due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

On the Web:

Alaska Fuel Price Report: Summer 2022 (Results from its recent survey of fuel retailers across 100 Alaskan communities)

Information about DCRA’s Bulk Fuel Loan Program

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