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Ranked choice voting: what is it, how does it work, and will it change Alaskan politics?


October 11, 2021
Monday PM

(SitNews) - Following its adoption by ballot initiative last year, Alaska’s future state and national elections will be held under Ranked Choice Voting, allowing voters to specify not just their favoured candidate but also their second, third and fourth choices.

In the 2020 General Election, Alaska voters approved an initiative to establish a Nonpartisan Top Four Primary Election system and a Ranked Choice Voting General Election system. In the next general election on November 06, 2022, Ranked Choice Voting in Alaska will allow voters to rank their choices in order of preference. For a candidate to win, they must receive a majority (50% + 1) of total votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority of votes in the first round of counting, more rounds of counting continue until a candidate reaches a majority(More about Alaska's Rank Choice Voting)

This system is gaining ground across the United States and has been used for over a century in Australia, home of Political Scientist Professor Benjamin Reilly, University of Western Australia.

Professor Reilly is visiting Juneau for his research and discussed recently during Evening at Egan Fall 2021, how Ranked Choice Voting works; its implications for voters, candidates and political parties; and what insights from comparative experience suggests for how the new system may impact Alaskan politics.


November 08, 2022 Ranked Choice SAMPLE Voting Ballot

Alaska Division of Elections More About Rank Choice Voting

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University of Alaska - Evening at Egan Fall 2021 Lectures

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