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Uranium scandel

By A. M. Johnson


October 21, 2017
Saturday PM

Editor- Sitnews

I am compelled to offer an apology for the number of submissions by myself in recent weeks. The news cycle is providing the gist for the thinking which results in frustrations over open traitorous actions by high level placed politicians who are trampling the trust placed on their positions. Must like the current scandal among Hollywood elites, these political elites are allowed to skate free from crimes and high misdemeanors. Those frustrations are compelled to be stated.

Regarding such a case, the following article was posted to each of our Alaskan Congressional Senators, and Representative. The post specifically ask each for a response to the intended action each will partake in this spectacular resulting criminal act regarding the transfer of 20% of our uranium to Russia for outright bribes in the form of donations, and outlandish speaking fees for fleeting moments of political mumbo jumbo . Will they publicly and with appropriate haste, work to bring this issue to the forefront, assist in moving prosecution, and act on whatever legislative mandate or powers they possess to seek punishment of the highest order to those who are proven to have violated our laws, national security, and or individuals placed at risk of harm or death and to that specify, the trail of suicides, and mysterious deaths allotted to the Clintons which defies all common sense when reviewed, there is fire when that amount of smoke exists.

Each of these Congressional representatives, Senators Murkowski, Sullivan, and Representative Young have received a copy of the article knowing that I promised that I would alert at the very least, Ketchikan area residents and Sitnews readers of the expected responses in a timely manner.

Following is the posted article:

October 20, 2017
How Corrupt Are American Institutions? By Stephen McGhee
American Thinker -


Ketchikan, Alaksa


About: It seems IMHO that behind every congressional member's great fortunes there is a crime


Editor's Note:

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Received October 20, 2017 - Published October 21, 2017

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