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By David G Hanger


October 07, 2017
Saturday AM

Some five hundred eighty-six casualties, 58 dead by gunshot, hundreds upon hundreds wounded by one man’s gunfire, and, wow, did those first responders do one hell of a job. (It took how long to even figure out where the shots were coming from?) You may have to go clear back to World War I to find a single tactical engagement that cost 586 US casualties. And you definitely have to go back to the first day of the First Battle of the Somme to find so many casualties inflicted in so short a time; the Newfoundland regiment, and that was accomplished by trained soldiers with multiple weapons and weapons systems at their disposal. Time to change USA to FFZ, as in free-fire zone.

Nor should this event in any way be politicized; guns are not in any sense political. They are for killing animals, killing people, and intimidating hell out of your neighbors whether in your neighborhood or out demonstrating for some cause you don’t like. You are just wearing that “gun outside your clothes for all the honest world to feel,” right? And feelings ain’t got nothin’ to do with politics.

As the US Congress mulls legalizing silencers, let us encourage them to reinforce our second amendment rights by adding hand grenades, RPGs, TOW missiles, and tactical nukes to those systems available at your local gun shop for “hunting” purposes. None of this, of course, is political, but is merely enhancing and accelerating our ability to send that many more US citizens to heaven that much sooner.

As our local Christian mullahs and ayatollahs prepare their sermons for this upcoming weekend, I am sure mourning for those you don’t even know will take precedence over any concern about how or why they died.

But politics or lack thereof is why they died, in combination with the abject madness that military assault rifles and 30-round magazines have some legitimate hunting purpose.

But politics is not appropriate to discuss right now as all our right wing politicians and their rehearsed format, parroted by one and all, assures us. Oh no. 586 after all is only a number.

So is the $54 million Republicans receive in blood money from the NRA, etc., to cry their crocodile tears while so many Americans bury their children. $265 is what some rat of a Democrat took from the NRA, but that is all.

So it’s sweepstakes time. When, where, and how many the next time? When you or one of yours? Prospering has nothing to do with politics, remember.

I wonder how Alex Jones is going to spin shooting up a cowboy concert.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska


Editor's Note:

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Received October 05, 2017 - Published October 07, 2017

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