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Vote Trump

By A.M. Johnson


October 27, 2016
Thursday PM

Editor Sitnews,

Have you noticed? There are no Trump/Pence signs among the many displays of Murkowski, Young, Stedman, Sivertsen settings along the highway and byways of Ketchikan.

What does that signify? Are there no official Republican stances in support of the National party candidate?

What are we to take from the voting results for Ketchikan following the November 8th election? Assuming the National election results are actuate, Alaska will have voted Republican (Trump?). How then if this is the case, will Ketchikan Republican committee-party representatives present the results were Trump to carry Ketchikan? Was it the Independent Ketchikan votes, the Ketchikan Tea Party votes? How could it be Republican votes? There is no public Ketchikan display that would allow Republicans to be the cause of a Trump victory in Ketchikan.

Let us put this in perspective: Murkowski (Republican Senator) will not vote for Trump (Dully elected Republican Presidential candidate.) Young (Republican Representative) will not vote for Trump (Dully elected Republican candidate).

Should Trump (Dully elected Republican Candidate) be elected, will these two, assuming they are successfully re-elected (No doubt) serve at what level of support for the campaign platform that President Trump has laid out? The Establishment Republicans platform/goals should be relegated with President Trump's intent in 'Draining the Swamp'. Is there Ketchikan Republican political fear for that intent?
Does this observation reflect a reason or the reason that the Ketchikan Republican high rollers have shelved any public demonstration of support the duly elected Presidential candidate?

All of this hyperbole from a firm Trump supporter following the early debates where the obvious was made public regarding all of the other original Republican candidates being cut from the same Establishment cloth.

None in my opinion would have stood up to the Democrat Party's ageless test of personal destruction, the mode of operation in every election.

This voter believes the appointments to the Supreme Court, is the over riding reason to vote Trump. As one who believes in God, Country, Family as the signers of the Constitution wrote, those appointments to the court will determine if we remain a Republic or continue the continuing political suicidal slide leading to some form of 'Ism' (Socialism, Communism, or Totalitarianism) reflected by the actions of both leading political parties. There is scant difference between the two.

I vote to retain the Republic, I vote Trump He is running to be the President of the United States, a Republic, not the President of some world 'Ism' order.


Ketchikan, Alaska

Received October 27, 2016 - Published October 27, 2016

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