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Alaska’s Write-In Candidate for Congress

By Stephen Wright


October 26, 2016
Wednesday AM

My name is Stephen Wright, and I was born in Anchorage, AK on Elmendorf AFB in 1969. I was only five years old when Don Young became Alaska’s 4th Congressman after campaigning twice. I would love to be the 5th Alaska Congressman to represent this great state.

As the 5th congressman to represent Alaska in state history, and first to be born in the state since statehood, it would be a great opportunity to write some wrongs and keep Alaskan ideas such as the PFD truly Alaskan.

My favorite quote is “I’m Alaska” or “I’m Alaskan,” meaning anyone with the “Alaskan Spirit” can become a true Alaskan if they adapt to its rugged environment and beauty as well as become stewards of its shared natural resources. I feel that over-regulation of our land at the Federal level, and monopolization of its permanent resources by the state, is limiting our ability to enjoy and build on our overall economy.

I have always felt close to Alaska as a youth, and I kept my dream alive of returning back to my birth state. While on duty after 18 years of service, I chose Alaska as a follow-on to a one year “Air Advisor” selection in Iraq. I moved my family to Settlers Bay immediately prior to this year of service. Upon returning, I worked as a Resource Adviser during my final three years of service.

As a sequestration veteran, and working under a constant pressure of a constrained budgets, I know how important fiscal budgeting is, and how the timing effects a unit. One literally does budget adjustments monthly depending on what Congress authorized. With this experience, I look forward to finding ways to bring the national and state budget back into balance.Wright Campaign AdWe need controls in place to

not only secure every federal dollar for Alaska, but every right to our state and our land. Alaska has the highest federal land grab of any state. Our reserves must be released back to the state in order to develop the resources we need to keep our economy strong.

If a legislature takes more than it needs, the economy suffers. When state government can’t reduce their budget, then there is a problem. The state should defer land granted by the federal government to its PFD portfolio as a good faith initiative to build a reserve, and keep balance as a percentage of mineral rights. If our funds are drained by the budget, then we will need to have collateral recourse actions to incentivize and protect our economy from both state and federal overreach.

After completing just over 22 years of military service, I have spent a year in Rural Alaska helping reopen a rural school in Hyder, Alaska, and I continue to work with schools in the Mat-Su Valley. I have served my nation and my communities in many different ways, and look forward to serving Alaskans in Congress.

I plan to use my contracting, budgeting, advising and accounting skills acquired in the US Air Force, to help preserve and protect the nation’s resources, and Alaska rights, as well as develop effective safeguards to help the country and strengthen our presence in this key Arctic region and build our national defense. Places like ANWR and pebble mine should be opened, and prudently and purposefully explored.

I am Alaskan and I am American, “and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!” We are the most talented and blessed on the earth, and it is time to stand up for moral values and solid principles that this nation was founded on.

On a more personal note, my favorite song is “North to Alaska” by Johnny Horton, I also like patriotic music, and enjoy playing and watching sports. I also enjoy spending time with my five boys, camping, fishing, playing sports, reading, hiking, traveling, cruising, bowling, and helping others.

I look forward to serving you and being the “Washington Outsider” you can trust, one who can vote for your constitutional rights and bring back the true Alaskan values.

Stephen Wright
For U.S. Congress - Republican Write-In
Wasilla, Alaska


Received October 26, 2016 - Published October 26, 2016


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