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Disappointed - again

By A. M. Johnson


October 19, 2016
Wednesday PM


With the continued barrage of Wikileaks data flooding the landscape via creditable blog sites it is becoming obvious why Establishment Republicans are struggling with Donald Trump's candidacy. Were he elected, then the Establishment members, who in my opinion include our own Senator Murkowski, personal friend with Senator Mitch McConnell, leader of the Establishment, and others will find their political terf at risk of exposures as the quite majority address RINO voting.

There is now beyond a doubt, enough corruption evidenced to require a Special Prosecutor for the Justice Department, the FBI, and State. The depth of the crimes committed demand those involved face the law and be prosecuted which may include Establishment Republicans, to preserve the Republic.

My guess there will be fear among Republican Establishment for collusion with the involved parties in either knowingly ignoring what is now obvious (If you see something, say something),or being complacent in the activities surrounding much of the fall out of this earth shattering compromise of law. laws of the land, absents of moral convictions , honor and trust thrown to the winds for rewards of personal greed over the well being of the Nation.

For a very long period of political time, this author has taken Senator Murkowski to task for the her RINO voting record she has produced in support of positions held by some soon to be exposed parties in this corruption. Reflective to my mind much as Secretary Clinton, selling one's soul for political power is not beneath Senator Murkowski's persona.

Having given up on Senator Murkowski this voter held out hope that Senator Sullivan would be a breath of fresh air and show independence in support of the needs of the Nation over such personal gains in political life. Apparently with his demonstration of bailing on his support for the duly elected Republican candidate for the President of the United States he has made the choice to stand with the Never Trumps .

Not the choice that will prove in the end, a wise move. To that extent, I have authored the following note to Senator Sullivan and wish to share with the Sitnews publication.

Thank You

Ketchikan, Alaska

Senator Sullivan (Sully) - (Note this was submitted to Senator Sullivan prior to the FBI dump of 100 pages 10/18/16)

With the MSM covering for Hillary (and Congress Establishment parties) the news from established blog sites clarify the data and information within the Wikileaks email dumps on Hillary, it become obvious with each of these dumps that you position of opposing Trump become more of an embarrassment to the State of Alaska and her residents. As our elected congressional representative, your recent recanting of support leads to the vision of a whipped dog dragging its tail between its legs as it leaves the area.

I am so ashamed with your choice, and sadly even if you were to change your position, this voter will not forget. No matter your challenger, our family will support that candidate over you.

Let me ask- 'Who will give a rat's ass care 5 years from now what Trump said'? When compared to the damage Hillary and the corrupt Justice, Depart, FBI, State Depart. will continue to carry on with total war on our Constitution. Who will care?

Sadly with no regrets,

Received October 18, 2016 - Published October 19, 2016

About: "Believe Congressmen should wear uniforms, you know, like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors."


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