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Oil tax issue: Oil companies want more money
By Matt Olsen


October 30, 2012
Tuesday PM


Representative Les Gara's October 19, 2012 opinion piece in the Ketchikan Daily News summed up the oil tax issue well; the oil companies want more money. $2 billion more. For a company like Conoco-Phillips, this would be in addition to the more than $7.5 billion profit they made from Alaska's oil just last year. Is this right? I don't believe so.

I believe the current tax structure (ACES), for the most part, is working. It is working so well that we are at the worldwide industry standard and receive our fair share for our oil. These funds allow us pay for our government, our children's education, and infrastructure.

I believe if we give the oil companies $2 billion more, we will see a reduction in state spending. Not in the expanding operational budget or education funds, but in capitol project funding. This funding pool helps build our infrastructure: our hydroelectric dams, hospitals and medical centers, harbors, roads and ferries, water and sewer systems, pools and libraries. Without this money, our infrastructure will suffer, our economy will suffer and we will suffer.

I believe our future shouldn't suffer. We need this money so we can repair and build our infrastructure for our future. This infrastructure will allow us to educate our children so they can find and create their future here, if they choose. This infrastructure will allow us to use our natural resources, grow businesses, and bring stability to our lives and economy.

I support selling our natural resources for their fair market value. I am a candidate for State House District 33 and would appreciate your support in the November 6th election.

Matt Olsen
Ketchikan, AK


About: Matt Olsen is a candidate for State House District 33.

Received October 29, 2012 - Published October 30, 2012


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