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Septic Tanks - How Often to Pump?
By Shelley Stallings


October 31, 2011
Monday PM

Attached is a septic pumping schedule from Ohio State University Extension Service. It shows that the frequency of pumping septic tanks depends primarily on 2 criteria: 1. number of people in household & 2. size of tank.

jpg Septic Tanks - How Often to Pump?

According to this schedule most homeowners in Ketchikan are being charged at least twice as much as they should be for this service.

In cases of homes with only one occupant the charge is as much as 700% higher than it should be. This needs to be changed.

Homeowners in Ketchikan can not afford to be overcharged for this or any other government service fee.

Shelley Stallings
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 29, 2011 - Published October 31, 2011


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