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By James Schenk


October 21, 2011
Friday AM

With all the negatives that affect our lives everyday it is sometimes hard to keep things in perspective. Well I am not here to preach but only to suggest something again you have heard before. This is your life, one person in life can make a difference in anything we wish to pursue, even if you do not see immmediate results everything we do affects people around us.

Be positive in life, do things because they are the right thing to do, be yourself, we all need more unique people in the world, not less. If something feels wrong it probably is!

Make what you do in life about you and other people in this world, You will be much happier than doing what you do only to make money. This country and state we all live in, as well as this planet, is for all living beings. Think before you do things that may affect the balance of things, remember that negative energy builds onitself, while positive energy does the same.

Take a moment to stop each day and listen to the sound of your own heart beating, then realize this is not a test run, you don't get another shot at this, we all pass away some day and no one in the future will care how much money you gained in life. Your true value in life will be measured by what you may have done to make another person's day more positive. Be productive, help yourself while helping those around you and you will have produced a fine life, a life worth living, a life worth remembering.

Those are the people I remember most from this community growing up here, people like William Hamilton, Carroll Fader, Phil Meychin, Henry Keene, my own Grandfather Carl Schenk, and many more.

I have traveled this country and found we have a true richness here in Ketchikan, and it is a positive human value, not money.

Thank you all for letting me be a part of this community and stay positive, It matters!

James Schenk
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 20, 2011 - Published October 21, 2011



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