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Endangered Species
By Don Borders


October 03, 2011

You might have noticed I wrote Species as plural, because there are actually two Southeast Alaska endangered species. One has recently gotten much attention in various publications and the other one has had very little concern by the environmental groups. Both have been able to disguise themselves and have gone into hiding.

First, the one with the greatest impact, I would like to point out that there has been for many decades and centuries, species of humans, native and others, which pioneered the Southeast Alaska. It is by their efforts that the local economies and thriving diverse cultures have developed their inherited resources and prospered upon their past lifelong activities as inhabitants of Southeast Alaska.

The loggers (native and others) decisively built roads, pioneering the connective arteries, which many communities now enjoy and depend upon.  Connective right a ways provide avenues for Power, Telephone, Internet,  heating fuel deliveries and travel to medical facilities which all are necessary in today’s living standards. It is the pioneering spirit has allured many tourists to the region today and without the local sideshows of cultural histories and folk lore; the interest would not be as intense. Many homes have been built out of the final forest products and still stand today in testimony to the durability of the local woods milled here in Southeast. However, the stability is waning because environmentalists are, attempting now, blocking construction of roads and if continued coming generations of Alaskans will possibly forced into building their homes out of sticks, rocks, and mud. Many Southeast Alaskans have gone into hiding by cloaking their life’ (‘s) as tour operators and became guides to the many visitors to the regions during the months of May through October. Little is realized by their efforts other than telling of Southeast past Cultures and history and the few coins they must take home to survive their needs until next Tourist season.

I have spoken in private with some of the “re-educated” loggers and native residents of Southeast Alaska and if they know you, they will open up and spill close details of their life experiences. Several have jokingly laughed at the hint of an Alexander Archipelago wolf. They laugh at the environmentalist efforts to develop endangered species protection for a wolf-dog strain. First hand sighting of the dogs running in the wolf packs and common fact the wolf and dog will interbreed makes perfect common sense of historical facts and firsthand knowledge of the distinct kind of wolf / dog inter-breeding. Come lately environmentalist cannot dispute the eye witness accounts and can only be using their hypothetical theory, twisted as it is, to further their hidden agendas of prohibiting the region of / from further development.

Second, the Southeast Alaska wolf is in hiding also, they have mixed with pet dogs, which have interbred with the pure wolf. I suggest this repeated breeding has hidden the truth within the mixed DNA.  Disguised by the genetic strain of the various types of dogs that originally were able to gain a place within the wolf packs. Loggers have related to sighting of the dogs running within wolf packs and today the mixed breed of dog and wolf is banned due to the very aspects of the mix of wolf aggressor and domesticated dog. The two mixed, are sometimes the worst, aspects of the two canines offspring.

The Alexander Archipelago wolf is but a “Fantasy Sacred Cow” touted by the environmentalists to further ban and prohibits development of the Southeast Alaskan communities and continuation of established cultures of our local ethnic’s, which existed decades long before the environmentalist developed their culture of “Protect the Earth First” mantra. The wolf is hiding behind DNA established over repeated mixing with rogue pet dogs and repeated breeding with the same morphed wolf species, found in Southeast Alaska.

As for the Sacred (cow) Wolf, It is obvious after raising a litter or two dogs (canines) there is a dominate color which is going to pass. It is quite evident that the gray color is a mix of many colors over numerous generations. The black color shown in Sitnews illustrating the “Alexander Archipelago wolf” shows a very dominate coat color, black. The photo also shows very similar coloration of the Black Lab, German Sheppard, Doberman Pincer and Rottweiler dogs, all, robust enough to hold their own in a pack of wolfs. They do not need to be the Alpha males or females because Canines (dogs) are what they are. The picture of the supposed of “Alexander Archipelago wolf” is enough to point out the “wolf” is mixed.

Personally, to their shame, environmentalists have put the mixed wolf-dog ahead of the local peoples and their cultures. Nevertheless, their efforts trying to hide and protect their objective through locking the Southeast down into a gigantic park for their enjoyment. How harmful can radical people become? The latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rulings ban mud on dirt roads dropped by trucks traveling on the same roads (Oregon) and one even more “criminal” bans the dust created by the farmer made in HIS dirt fields while harvesting his Crops (Midwest)…where would they stop. On the other hand, can they. The statement signed by Greenpeace speaks for itself because everyone knows that their very effort is going to be extremely biased “Earth First” in whatever he or she put their name to… Thanks for the Flags up. The name Greenpeace speaks volumes in who you are and what you intend to say. Unforgettably, it is all very negative publicity of your very radical “Pop Culture” endeavors.

In the recent article published in several places “Wolf rant got it wrong”, By Marty Bergoffen & Larry Edwards I disagree with these supposed authorities who signed the publication. Show me the count, show the facts and actual count where the past wolf population has dropped from 1200 to 350 current population. It is all emotional hypothetical fable. Practiced Procedure of counting canine tracks along a rocky road (only the locals know about the rock roads) and postulating a wolf population for Southeast Alaska is pure scientific junk. IF, the current population has dropped to 350, consider the mix of wolf with dogs have lost their fear of humans and got their butts shot.

I agree with Andy Rauwolf's Sept. 12 Commentary I also agree with his viewpoint.  In addition, generating a paper written from an unscientific viewpoint without the documentmentable historical facts is just paper and not worth the cost of generating what is written on it. Just because supposed Authorities are sincere in what they write, have they ever contemplated, they just might be sincerely wrong?

Don Borders
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I own a chain saw and several axes’ if they want to take them; they have got to pry them out of my cold dead hands.  I started my working career as a logger working with my father.  After the Military service, while attending college, during the summer time I worked for the U.S. Forest Service. Southeast Alaska resident for 30+ years. "

Received October 02, 2011 - Published October 03, 2011

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