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RE: School Spirit
By Charlene Thomas


October 03, 2011

My letter was not intended to offend anyone or to place false information in the public spotlight. I was at the game - I didn't see one cheerleader with the exception of Thunder Mountain. If the Kayhi cheerleaders were there, where were they? I was on the sidelines with a pretty good view of the field. I didn't see the cheer squad take the field during half-time, or any other time for that matter. But, I did see several of the football players try to rally the crowd, and never one time did I hear a cheer from our side indicating we had cheerleaders present.

I have never claimed to be a cheerleading expert, and I never will. However, I did attend Kayhi and I have seen other cheer squads in action during games, meets, etc. Based on my personal experience as a viewing member of this town, cheerleaders are there to support their team, not the other cheer squad. I think it's great that you have found some type of comraderie with Thunder Mountain's cheerleaders, but when the game starts it should be all about the Kings and nothing else. Performing a few chants directed at the other squad is not my idea of supporting your team. Sorry if my letter offended Ms. Bowman. I'm sure you have a thankless job as the cheer coach, and I can only imagine your frustration when someone criticizes your efforts.

Charlene Thomas
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 29, 2011 - Published October 03, 2011

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