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Big Changes Afoot for Juneau Landfill,
Trash & Recycling Programs


October 01, 2011

(SitNews) - Juneau, Alaska - Alaska Pacific Environmental Services (operating as Arrow Refuse) will not be renewing its disposal contract with the Capitol Disposal landfill (operated by Waste Management, Inc.), meaning that most residential and commercial solid waste will be headed for a destination outside of Juneau. In addition, Alaska Pacific plans to increase diversion rates and boost recycling within the city by offering residents an affordable, convenient curbside recycling service.  

“In keeping with the direction of the CBJ Solid Waste Strategy, we knew that upon the expiration of the landfill contract we had an obligation to tackle some of the longstanding challenges with solid waste management in our community,” said Glen Thompson, GM of Alaska Pacific in Juneau. “We felt that one of the best things that our company could do to proactively address these issues would be to stop disposing of the material locally and instead find an alternative solution that does not significantly impact rates.”

Upon expiration of the current disposal contract (December 2012), Alaska Pacific hopes to have completed construction of a transfer station in Juneau for processing and loading solid waste and recyclable materials into containers. From there, waste will be barged out of state to a fully approved Subtitle D facility in the Pacific Northwest while the recyclable materials will be shipped to another processing facility in the Northwest for sorting and sale.  

In addition, Alaska Pacific is planning to introduce automated hauling (using special trucks that lift and empty trash carts) and curbside, single-stream recycling. Curbside recycling will allow residents to deposit all recyclables in a single recycling cart that will be issued to residents who opt for the recycling service.  

“Across North America, communities have seen an exceptionally positive environmental impact when curbside recycling service is offered,” noted Thompson. “Diversion rates—measuring the amount of waste that’s removed from the waste stream—increase dramatically, often doubling or more. Making recycling easier and more convenient will be a big step towards greater sustainability.”  

Over the next two months, Alaska Pacific will be releasing the details and timeline of the automated waste collection and curbside recycling rollout, which the company expects to be in place by the spring of 2011, subject to approval of the new proposed rates for automated waste collection by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Founded in 2002, Alaska Pacific Environmental Services 1, LLC is a family of related companies that provides solid waste collection, disposal and recycling solutions across the state of Alaska, including Nome, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, and Unalaska (Dutch Harbor) in the Aleutian Islands.



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