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Redistribute the wealth
By Patti Fay Hickox


October 30, 2010
Saturday AM

I'm Irish, it's cultural. I agree with Bob McLaughin II. The changes that (THE PEOPLE) made in the presidential election 2 years ago are the first changes to help the poor and middle class in many years.

Our Founding Fathers could not image that the system has become so corrupt. They went to Washington to form a fair government, without a rich class that made all the rules. They were farmers and plantation owners and they went to Washington to make sure the everyone had equal rights. They would rather stay home with their families and work their land. But they sacrificed for their country. They were not career politicians. They would be appalled at the amount of money these politicians are spending on this election when other people are so poor.

It takes time to get these changes working properly. The mess that the "trickle down economics" has caused in our country is what our president walked into. Two wars and a greedy Wall St. A country where the rich get so rich -- I have no idea what they do with all that money -- and other people are living in their cars and getting food at food banks.

Let's give the new way a chance. I don't believe that we will ever get the chance to make positive changes like these again. If we do not make some changes I'm glad I am 66 years old and do not have to worry about my country for another 50 years.

We need a "Potlatch" to redistribute the wealth. We forgot how to share.

Patti Fay Hickox
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 28, 2010 - Published October 30, 2010


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