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Pro McAdams
By Dave Lieben


October 30, 2010
Saturday AM

This year's Senate race is certainly an interesting one. Recent polls show the three candidates about even, with the number of undecided voters increasing instead of decreasing.

A few years back I had a long phone conversation with Scott McAdams when I was School Board President and he was on the AASB (Association of Alaska School Boards) Board of Directors. He mostly wanted to know what education issues I thought needed to be addressed by the Legislature. He wanted to make sure that everyone's voice was heard, and that the diologue wasn't dominated by what people in Anchorage thought was best. But the conversation wound up going in several directions, and was quite interesting.

Taking the time to call me was typical for Scott, who is a strong believer in listening to people to find out what they think, whether it was as President of the AASB, as Chairman of the Southeast Alaska Conference of Mayors, as a member of the Alaska Municipal League Board of Directors, or as he will as our next Senator.

If you're still undecided, please check out to learn more about Scott and where he stands on the issues.

If you're thinking of voting for your second-favorite because you think they have a better chance of beating your least-favorite, perhaps you should think again. Some polls are showing this race as a three-way toss-up, some are showing Scott still a little behind the other two but gaining. Races with write-in candidates are hard to predict, and there have been several recent elections in Alaska where the polls turned out to be very wrong on election night. It also should be noted that voters who are still undecided in the last week will usually vote against the incumbent.

Please take the time to vote, and vote for your hopes, not your fears. Scott McAdams for Senate.

Dave Lieben
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Believes we need action in Washington, D.C., not obstruction"

Received October 28, 2010 - Published October 30, 2010



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