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Pro Joe Miller
By Glen Thompson


October 27, 2010
Wednesday AM

Dear Sitnews:

In this year’s US Senate race, Alaska is fortunate to have three fine citizens to choose from.  They each bring experience, skill, and aptitude to the table.  They are also our friends and neighbors.  We should bear this in mind when our political discourse tends to devolve into personal attacks.  During my recent six years in elected office, it was rare to find an elected official who put themselves ahead of their constituents.  We generally agreed on our desire for success, we just disagreed on how to go about it.  Personal attacks merely serve to deflect from the issues and there are not many saints walking amongst us.  

But there are distinct choices: the Republican candidate, a constitutional conservative; our sitting Senator, a centrist-conservative; and the Democrat candidate, a progressive.  

Democrat Scott McAdams believes that the progressive social and economic agenda of the Obama administration is working.  He believes that Alaska is entitled to any and all federal support we can get.

Senator Lisa Murkowski likes “to go along to get along” and touts her seniority to ensure that Alaska gets its “fair share” of federal dollars.  She believes in private sector commerce but has stated there are areas where the federal government should have a greater role, e.g. health care and global warming.

Which brings me to Republican Joe Miller.  Joe believes in smaller government, an extremely limited federal role in the economy, and a return to state’s rights as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment.

Considering our economic train wreck, devaluation of the dollar, implementation of European socialism, and the rise of communist China, I believe that we have been going down the wrong road.  We need to return to the limited federal republic originally envisioned by the founders.  It won’t happen overnight, but we need major changes in Washington, DC.  

In that light, the choice is clear: Republican candidate Joe Miller has my support, (warts and all).

Glen Thompson
Ketchikan, AK  

About: "Former KGB Assembly member, 23 year resident."

Received October 26, 2010 - Published October 27, 2010



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