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By David G. Hanger


October 27, 2010
Wednesday AM

By concise do you ( Laura Plenert) mean a sound byte that is not visible? Or are you concerned with something that is not quite precise enough for your taste? The devil is in the details, so I am told. It is simple fact, for example, that the leader of a goon squad is also a goon. That is an unfortunate fact in this instance, to be sure, because the man is running for U.S. Senator, but the leader of a goon squad is also a goon.

Do you wish somehow to deny that this is a goon squad? It is the classic definition of a goon squad. We have at least two active duty members of the Armed Forces involved in this mess, and that is not simply distasteful, it is downright illegal. Active duty members of the military bullying the press as part of a right wing political campaign!!! The other members of this so-called “security” detail are affiliated with right wing paramilitary militia groups. This is not a security detail; these are brownshirts. What other Alaska politician at any level runs around with a pack of beefy bully boys?

Joe Miller’s goons handcuffed a reporter and kidnapped him. He was held against his will for an extended period of time. That is a serious crime, and if the State is not going to bring charges, the Department of Justice should. Joe Miller did not fire anybody; he justified their actions, and, furthermore, signaled that we should expect nothing but this from him in the future. Joe Miller did not decry the actions of his staff; he reveled in them.

So in point of fact I am being quite concise when I said, referring to Joe Miller, “Anyone who handcuffs and kidnaps any citizen of this state for asking questions, and concomitantly refuses to answer any questions about his background, is a bully boy and a punk whose conduct should contingently either be ignored or referred to the police.” Joe Miller claimed his employees’ actions for himself, and this insanely self-centered man has definitely exhibited a lot of his ugly side in the past couple weeks.

No one should be taking this man seriously as a candidate any longer. Cut food stamps, cut unemployment, cut social security, cut everything; Joe Miller has already benefited from government handouts from his education on down, but now that he’s got his, let’s cut it off for everyone else. Let’s cut off the whole State from the government tit. In the meantime he gets his financing from the Koch brothers, is already in fact the bought and paid for property of the Koch brothers, and has already clearly announced he has no interest in continuing any financial support for Alaska interests other than his own. Once elected, he does not want to get elected again, but rather appointed in perpetuity by his cronies.

He refuses to answer questions about his background, and, if pressed, simply bullies, handcuffs, and kidnaps the reporter in question. Or is that any reporter? Scared ‘em off, didn’t you, Joe?

I am deadly serious that if you still think this is your guy, you need counseling, and, yes, your continued support of this man does speak volumes about you. This guy is an autocratic tyrant, and if this is the kind of person you support, you want a dictatorship, not representational democracy.

Calling Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Lamar Alexander racists is not name-calling, but rather a simple observation of fact. In all three instances their deep, inbred racism has been re-affirmed by recent statements, including support for “birthers,” for repealing the 14th amendment, and constant references to “states rights,” the clarion call or anthem of southern racists for 200 years. It really is unfortunate that “states rights” is confused by so many ignorant Alaskans with a desire to have more control over resources and development at the state level. “States rights” is racist code for local racists get to decide the pecking order locally, and that is always what it has meant.

Have you heard of the “Southern Strategy?” That’s a concise question, isn’t it? That’s the bit where the Republican party back in 1965 decided to invite all the racist Democrats in the South to join the Republican party, which, of course, they did in droves. For almost 50 years, instead of fiscal conservatism and such, the foundational bedrock of the Republican party and its power has been racism, upon which later was grafted the religious right wing; the “Southern Strategy.”

The election of a black President and the emergence of the tea baggers have empowered the racists in this country to a degree unparalleled in almost 50 years, and these southern Senators have followed along by proposing repeated rollbacks to conditions one hundred or 150 years ago.

Those are the folks I see Lisa Murkowski hanging around with. She doesn’t make any speeches of her own; she just hangs around in the background. Referring to her as “BP” Murkowski is both concise and eminently legitimate given her benefiting of British Petroleum by blocking legislation at the cost of the citizens and businesses of the gulf coast states. By her actions she blocked tens of billions of dollars of damage claims from United States businesses, state & local governments, and individual citizens, all to benefit a foreign corporation deficient with its safety standards.

Starting out calling Scott McAdams a “hick” for wearing a lime green tie on TV is not exactly polite, I suppose, but it is concise in that it identifies the problem with Scott’s campaign until the past week or so: He did not expect to be a serious contender, and that is how his campaign started out. The initial response from the electorate to a half-ass campaign was tepid, to be polite.

If the Democrats stay with their nominee and draw a few independents, Scott McAdams wins this election walking away. Now that he has some real cash, he is making a real push, and it is showing in the polls.

Anyone but Joe Miller remains the name of the game, and Scott McAdams deserves serious consideration for your vote in that regard.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK

Received October26 , 2010 - Published October 27, 2010


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