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Pro Scott McAdams
By Bob  McLaughlin,II


October 23, 2010
Saturday AM

If you were one of the voters who turned out in large numbers on Stedman Street for the caucus (2008), to put an end to the Bush/Cheany administration, and turned out to vote in November 08 for President Obama, then you should know what your vote did and how it affects you every day.

1. Ketchikan based Alaska National Guard personal are no longer being deployed to Baghdad. They are home here in Alaska where they signed up to be.Obama told us he would end Bushes war in Iraq and with your vote he did.

2. Healthcare Reform. If you have children who want to go on to higher education to earn a BA or Masters degree they now can still be covered on your health care plan until age 26. This means they can study and do not have to worry about coverage or how to obtain it while in collage. Your vote for Obama and his ( now all of our health care) has become the law.The Republican Party voted no to this bill.

3. Lifetime caps on your healthcare coverage are to be done away with. If you get real sick and your medicinal bills go over the old limit, under the Obama plan/law your healthcare provider must pay for your bill. After all, they are charging you and your employer the premiums right? Your vote for Obama got this common since proposal signed into law with not one single Republican vote.

4. Financial reform for big Wall Street banks and the banking industry.We have read the reports of excess bank fees and overdraft charges that have put billions and billions of your dollars in the hands of the very folks that caused the financial mess we are now in.This is money that has left Ketchikan (from the big outside banks) never to return. Your vote for Obama got the nation on the right track for this law. What did the Republicans do? Guess.

You and I as voters have an obligation to continue the change we put in the White House by turning out to vote once again in November to help the President fix the mess the Republican Party put the nation in. Obama needs more help in the US senate to ward off any attempt by the PARTY Of NO! to stop real change to their agenda of stuffing the last taxpayer dollars into the deep  pockets of the billionaires. Republicans stand together for one thing and one thing only. That is helping the filthy rich get richer and richer and richer of the backs of us workers, taxpayers and voters.

This is a long fight to fix what we can under Obamas leadership. Republicans had eight years to smash every they set out to do. Obama has not even been in office two years yet. The election in November is only one more vote with many more to go. By now you have heard what Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski will do to roll back even the smallest reforms we and Obama have fought so hard for. Please continue the fight to change America. Ask yourself if The US Senate seat vacated by Republican Frank Murkowski when he became Governor and anointed his daughter Lisa to fill it has worked for you and your family. Frank lost his primary election to Sara Palin who became governor only to quit on us.Lisa, in her write-in campaign talks about making history in Alaska. Imagine, if you will, the thought of not one but two Democrat senators from Alaska.That is making real history in Alaska. Right now the Republicans are split once again. Lets take advantage of this and tell Princess Lisa and Joe Miller, who won the Republican primary, their feeding frenzy at the trough of billionaire gluttony is over. For real change for your kids, for yourself, for Obama, for the nation and for the people of Alaska, please vote for Democrat Scott McAdams on November 2, 2010 for the US Senate.

Bob  McLaughlin,II
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 21, 2010 - Published October 22, 2010



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