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Write-in Lisa Murkowski
By Lyle Simpson


October 21, 2010
Thursday AM

To the Editor:

I am a lifetime Alaskan (over 70 years) and I have never seen a campaign as dishonest as the one launched by Joe Miller. His attacks on Lisa Murkowski misrepresented her stand on issues and then he had the audacity to lie about her financial disclosure claiming that she has investments that actually do not exist. Yet, he has not bothered to file his own disclosure statement which was due 6 months ago. what is Joe hiding? He presents himself as a fiscal conservative yet he used the very system that he rails against when he collected farm subsidies for several years. Joe denied taking subsidies but was forced to admit to them when the facts became known. Where is the transparency he promises? How can Alaskans trust Joe when he has lied so much throughout his campaign.

Lisa has protected the very programs that Joe wants to phase out, such as Social Security and Unemployment. Joe's wife collected unemployment but Joe says unemployment benefits are unnecessary. Joe also used Medicaid. Joe may talk the talk but he surely doesn't walk the walk.

We do not need Joe representing us in Washington, D.C. where he wants to repeal the 17th Amendment. If this were to happen, we would lose our right to vote directly for our Senators and an Alaskan assembly would appoint them. Alaskans waited too long for the right to vote for our senators; we do not want to have our right to directly vote for them taken away from us.

Lisa Murkowski listens to what we want and she is honest and forthright. Every vote she has cast in the Senate has been for what is best for Alaska. She was mentored by Ted Stevens so she knows the intricacies of legislating for the benefit of Alaska. Alaska needs Lisa and I will write her name in on the Ballot for U.S. Senator in November. And I won't forget to fill in the oval next to her name.

Lyle Simpson
Ketchikan, AK

About: 20+ years as Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Assoc. Board Member
15 years as AK Territorial and AK State Biologist
30+ Years Small Business Owner

Hard Copy Received October 15, 2010 - Published October 21, 2010


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