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'Personal Responsibility'
By Virginia E. Atkinson


October 20, 2010
Wednesday PM

Bullying in this country is so out of control thanks to too much negative news coverage and all the copy-cats coming out of the woodworks 'cause they have that strong desire for a few minutes of fame and shame. Bullies ought to be treated like any other criminals 'cause it involves individuals harming others around them.

Why is it always the victims treated more like a criminal than the ones actually doing the harm? It's always the victim getting all the attention when the media should be focusing on the bullies, reveal their photo, that is what will protect their next victims. It seems like the bullies are getting more protection than their victims. Talk about doing things a--backwards.

Remember a few years ago when the victims were taking revenge on bullies tormenting them just because they are different. So people are different, Big DEAL! What's the big fuss about being different? Everyone is different, different race, different beliefs, different way of life, that's life, that's the way its meant to be, different religion, different attitude, some good - some bad.

Some people are so small-minded to think that being different is a bad thing. People have their own lifestyle, their own fashion, some are rich some poor, some are greedy some will give the shirt off their back and get nothing in return. And what do the victims get, nothing but heart-aches and headaches and a miserable life to live everyday. Bullying doesn't just affect Gays or Lesbians it affects everyone. No compassion from family or the school system until it's too late. Everywhere there is someone geting bullied to death, because the person is *different*. It's a damn shame people in this world have been walking this earth for millenniums and still can't see past the differences of others.

And what do they do to solve their differences, with violence and wars and still nothing is resolved.

Everyone on this earth has their own culture. Whether we like it or not there will ALWAYS be differences, the only problem is that people can't or don't know how to settle their differences without harming each other. Some people are screaming out for help but it falls on deaf ears until it is too late or out of control.

Suddenly the media is paying attention to an epidemic that's been out of control for decades. After all these years kids been crying out for help and no one takes notice until after all the damage is done. Some students go to school afraid for their own safety while for some they've had enough of bullying so they take the law into their own hands. Dressed to kill anyone that gets in their way, they're so angry they could care less who their victims are. Some victims are fed up with being the victim and it's time for revenge. Yes, a person can only take so much of bullying so one day they wake up, the shoe is on the other foot. They become the bully and the bully is the victim. That picture has been seen much too often on National news.

The first thing our leaders talk about in Washington is we need more laws. Yeah, right, laws aren't the answer to solving every problem in this country. Those laws are useful only when it's 'after the fact'. After it's all over with, after all the damage is done then the laws will protect you. There are laws for drivers and yet they still manage to screw up traffic every single day and accidently take a life. There are laws against killing and yet someone is killed everyday in this. There are enough laws in this country to reach the moon and back a hundred times over and yet people in this country are still breaking laws everyday. Laws are like empty promises, they are meant to be broken. No need to make more laws or say laws need to change. It's the people that need to change, especially criminals. People that are bullied are usually the quiet type, until they are taunted everyday just because they are different. So some people are quiet. Big deal, huh?

It's amazing how much wasted time and energy bullies waste on such petty things and make it into a mountain and then everything gets out of control. Too many victims of someone getting bullied while everyone else just looks on like it's a sideshow or look the other way pretending everything is just fine. What's the problem with bullies? What makes them a bully? Are they a victim of being bullied at home or somewhere, so they take it out on others. Being a bully doesn't make them a better person than who they pick on.

And those Suicide Prevention Programs are just as useless as the laws that are supposed to protect people. And schools ought to be held accountable once a student is on school property, there's no excuse for that. What this country LACKS the most is 'Personal Responsibility'. Too much wasted time playing the Blame Game.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla , AK


Received October 20, 2010 - Published October 20, 2010


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