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By Vicki Harsha


October 20, 2010
Wednesday PM

It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote my first letter to Sit News asking for answers from either Joe Miller or his supporters. I am still unable to get a response to my questions from his campaign.

To make matters worse, he has stated that he will NOT answer questions regarding his personal or private life. He has demonstrated that he will talk to the National media outlets, but not local media. He feels they are too liberal for him. Mr. Miller, the local media is who we read, who we listen too, the news we watch in the evening.

How does he feel that his previous employment as a public servant not warrant our scrutiny of his performance? He is running for the Alaska Senate seat, which is serving the people of Alaska. It is the only experience he has that, although remotely, compares to serving "the people".

His financial records have been filed. They were 169 days late. I will not address that issue, but rather the issue of his personal finances. He is $116,000 in credit card debt, just credit cards! His mortgages on his home and property are OVER the assessed value. Is this not part of the problem of the housing market crash in the US? People borrowing over the value of their homes?

If he strongly believes in fiscal responsibility, and budgeting for Alaska without the appropriations of the Federal Government, his own personal finances do not reflect that stance. He has received every government entitlement that is qualifies for, and some that he may not have qualified for. But, the overall picture is that he has lived beyond his means for a very long time. That does not represent fiscal responsibility.

The vital question I have, HOW does he expect to get ANWR back into the hands of the state? The most powerful senators in the Congress, Ted Stevens, Frank Murkowski and Lisa Murkowski, were unable to even open it for development, with a Republican President. Putting ANWR aside, we have Timber, Mining, Fishing, Gas Exploration and the People of Alaska, all of them OUR Natural Resources. How will he do better for those industries, as a JUNIOR Senator, with no seniority, than our current Senator, Lisa Murkowski? Her record demonstrates her commitment to all of those industries.

His recent actions have spoken loudly to people with questions. Not talking to the Alaska Media, hiring private security, non participation in debates, criticizing the Murkowski campaign for PAC contributions, when the majority of his contributions are from the TEA PARTY EXPRESS? How is the Tea Party better than Alaska corporations donating to a PAC? They feel that Mr. Miller will hurt Alaska and her people.

Mr Miller, you have not indicated to the voters of Alaska how you can benefit us. Your platform is for the direction of the United States Government, and how to "Fix" that. I want you, IF elected, to help Alaskans with their issues. You also and more importantly, have not demonstrated to Alaskans why we should vote for you, over our Senior Senator, Lisa Murkowski.

I understand that she lost the Primary. That is NOW a moot point. I can argue it with the votes she DID NOT receive, because voters became complacent, she didn't fight back with the mis-representations of your campaign and with the death of Senator Stevens, she backed down on her campaign. The general election will show who the people of Alaska want as their Senator, not the Primary.

I KNOW that a vote for Lisa Murkowski is a vote for Alaska. I KNOW that her seniority, experience and her ability to reach across the isle is what Alaska needs, and it is what America needs.

I urge everyone to vote for Senator Lisa Murkowski, color in the oval and write in LISA MURKOWSKI for ALASKA!

Vicki Harsha
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 19, 2010 - Published October 20, 2010


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