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What’s Right For Alaska?
By Connie Emmert


October 20, 2010
Wednesday PM

Remember how “Hope and Change”  turned out to be something other than what Obama’s voters bargained for?  I think about that every time I hear Lisa say she’s going to do “what’s right for Alaska”.  What does that mean?  It’s an ambiguous phrase.

She sponsored a cap and trade bill in 2007 called the Low Carbon Economy Act of 2007. Was that right for Alaska?  The Democrats see her as the swing vote for the present cap and trade bill.  This bill would drastically increase all of our energy costs.  Would that be right for Alaska?  

She voted for TARP and the Wall Street bailouts.   Was that right for Alaska?

She voted for the hate crimes bill which erodes free speech and begins prosecuting thoughts. Was that right for Alaska? 

She voted against photo ID for voting, opening opportunity for election tampering. Was that right for Alaska?  

She voted against funding the US southern border fence. Is that right for Alaska and the country?  

She voted for amnesty for illegal aliens. Is that right for Alaska and the country?

She has disregarded the Republican primary causing a Republican party split. Was that right for Alaska?

If she wins this election, what will she be?  Will she be a Republican?  Will she be an Independent?  Will she be a Democrat?  What platform will she follow?   Will it be what lobbyist want, since they have been paying for her campaign?  Will it be just whatever she individually thinks is right?

Lisa has demonstrated that she has not and cannot be counted on to do what is right for Alaska.  

Joe Miller is against cap and trade.  He is against taxpayer bailouts for failing businesses.  He is against amnesty for illegal aliens and is for securing our boarders.  He is against spending our children’s future.  And he is for opening up Alaska’s resources for the security of our state.  Joe Miller is what is right for Alaska. I will be voting for Joe.

Connie Emmert
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 19, 2010 - Published October 20, 2010


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