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By Andy Rauwolf


October 20, 2010
Wednesday PM

Lisa Murkowski has accused Joe Miller of lying about her record and her vote on health care, repeatedly stating that Joe said she voted for the bill.   I have searched the Web, including Senator Murkowski’s website, and nowhere can I find a video clip or recording of Joe Miller stating she voted for Obamacare.  What Joe has said is taken directly from Lisa’s statements from videos, namely:  “It’s not so much that the government run plan is in and of itself a bad thing … what we have to have is a government run plan that actually works.” This and other recorded statements she has made leave little doubt that Lisa Murkowski is supportive of some form of government run health care which will ultimately lead to the end of private sector health insurance.

When recently asked on KTKN radio about why she co-sponsored Cap and Trade legislation, she steered around the question by saying that she met with President Obama and told him that it wouldn’t work.  So why did she co-sponsor S.1766 “To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the production and use of energy, and for other purposes”?

She attacked Joe for receiving contributions from out of state, yet doesn’t mention that most of her contributions come from the Washington establishment elitists, progressives, and lobbyists for special interests.  What good is Lisa’s seniority when we don’t know who she will vote with next?

Joe’s record speaks for itself: He graduated with top honors from West Point,  he served in the first Gulf War and was awarded a bronze star, and graduated from Yale Law School.  He passed the Alaska Bar Exam on the first try, not the fifth try as was the case with Lisa Murkowski.  He was a state judge and a federal judge.  He has his own law firm.  He graduated with a master’s degree in economics.  Any one of those achievements would be enough for most people, but there’s more.  Joe Miller doesn’t talk about this, so after hearing it from several other sources I talked to his father.  During the first Gulf War, Joe Miller led the charge as commander of the first four tanks to cross the trench and attack Saddam Hussein’s tank division in Kuwait.  This was after they had been told by their commander to expect that 80% of them wouldn’t be coming home, due to an expected nerve gas attack by the Republican Guard.  In the face of death, Joe and his brave comrades launched the attack, and ultimately destroyed Saddam’s entire tank division without losing a single tank.  I’ll never forget how proud we all were to be Americans at that time.   We should never forget what Joe Miller has done for our country.  His record speaks for itself.

America is in a crisis.    The country is bankrupt.  Alaskans can no longer be dependent on earmarks from Washington, D.C.  Alaska and the rest of the states must regain control of their land and resources.   Joe Miller is focused like a laser on what it will take to do this.  “To change Washington, we have to change who’s running it.” Joe Miller is the leader we need.

Andy Rauwolf
Ketchikan, Alaska

About:  41 year resident, Employer, General Contractor, Commercial Fisherman

Received October , 2010 - Published October 20, 2010


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