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The News Media and Transparency
By Ken Bylund


October 18, 2010
Monday PM

... reading inflammatory on-line news reporting, radioactive comments, and blistering headlines relating to Joe Miller, is there nothing positive -- what are the motives these reporters have writing their hit pieces -- what? Certainly not seeing Diogenes, the skeptic, looking for the honest man. That comparison is closest to fun-house distortionist-mirror reality when we see their self-serving profession, consisting of an army of character assassins, searching for that honest man -- only to destroy his reputation... but why? West Point? Not an issue? Bronze Star... don't need to go there... the lunatic left isn't even bothering to wear clothes.

Only clearly transparent evidence is the "watchdog news media" being blind or just delusional, utterly lacking any honest reporting, but ignoring, a total lack of scrutiny, of Lisa Murkowski! ... not a word, not written or spoken, by any news agency, about Joe Miller's opponents... zero! Scott or Lisa must have stumbled somewhere, some flaw, an imperfection back there on that dusty trail that exists in life on the move. We heard about Joe's traffic accident. Clearly, the news media is pushing for liberal government, and more chillingly, the trend points toward them trying to sandbag this election.

No one is perfect. Joe Miller was not number one at his graduation at West Point; only fifteenth. See? And he rear-ended a car in traffic... the world heard that story - definitely isn't perfect. They [news media] dug as deep as they could into the past of the conservatives [found little] - and then cover up - or make light of any [gross] lack of character in those who stand to the left of any hated supporter of capitalism. Does anyone even know anymore what capitalism provides? Basic concept; the market [the people] determines [aka driving the market] the availability and cost of our access to essentials or extravagances. That market provides opportunity for jobs and abundance... and spoils us. But you wont like the alternative... that's ugly.

And now as a nation, we are bankrupt. It's true. We are at that rude awakening to the realization that we have been struck down, like Pearl Harbor, except there were no bombs, no ships or missiles; the enemy struck with cunning and stealth, our politicians and lawyers designing laws with loopholes and code words, the news media deflecting our attention, movies defining our military, FBI, CIA, as bunglers and sadists, and this time the target was the destruction of our currency and we became ensnared in foreign credit. How did they boil the frog? Step back, take a good look at our own politicians addicting the majority to welfare...

Watched Chris Wallace interview Carly Fiorina; he asked her what entitlements she would cut - paraphrasing here - she would go after the 1/2 trillion $ of annual waste - first - then and only then, it would be deemed fair by all to look at entitlements to those citizens who played by the rules and fed that corrupt money stream, to find a way to end the current Social Security swindle, to find another way for those who are below some threshold, perhaps a lock-box... like it was before Lyndon Johnson began this long-run-out-slide into a welfare state. The current disaster and them who got us here? Didn't work for the USSR... they went bankrupt, remember? Isn't working here.

The Tea Party is on the right path; they are not radical, not extreme, not anarchists... the image portrayed by our watchdog news media who want us to ignore the 1/2 trillion $ wasted each year. Are we stupid? Crazy? Suicidal? Looks like that bunch of extremists [tea party] extolling the constitution, states rights, limited government, and... term limits, they are the first to sit up and notice that the frog... is dead! Think it's time to wake up, get off the couch, go out in the rain and vote... and vote for honest people to step into the game, people who wont bleed the treasury for their friends or listen to special interest lobbyists... transparency? Please!!!

Ken Bylund
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 17, 2010 - Published October 18, 2010


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