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Those that oppose Joe Miller
By Chris Barry


October 18, 2010
Monday PM

I read the dribble that spews from the keyboards of people like David G. Hanger and can't help but laugh and shake my head at the same time. These very people that attack those they feel are unfit for office appear to be merely lashing out at others that are living their dream. They spew forth fallacies and half-truths like they are kisses for babies and care only that they themselves are made to look more intelligent and wise than their fellow citizens.

I cannot say who, at this moment, I will be voting for, but I can say that if the comments (see lies) spewed out by my fellow citizens are a reflection on their characters, well, I can guarantee my vote against them if they ever run for anything.

Why is it that you all must counter others' lies and deceit with lies of your own? Are you that insecure with you own self? Do you truly believe that the rest of us are that stupid? Or do you, like the politicians running for office, have your own personal agenda? How much do you personally have to gain, or lose, if one or the other gets elected? Instead of lying between your teeth as the politicians do, why not lay out the facts. Then at least people might think you are an educated person, instead of the rambling idiot you appear to be when you spew your deceitful lies out in public. Try basing your opinions on facts. Just because you do not agree (and you have every right to disagree and vote how you feel) does not give you the right to lie yourself.

Perhaps you could take a lesson from Vicki Harsha who merely stated her thoughts and concerns, instead of allowing her keyboard to spew forth lies and deceit. Remember everyone, only you can vote for yourself. Find the facts about each politician and decide for yourself. Just please do not base your decision on the deceit of an uninformed and angry person that doesn't care how you feel or what you think.

Chris Barry
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Another local with his own personal intrests (just like everyone else)."

Received October 15, 2010 - Published October 18, 2010



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