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The American Dream
By Marla House


October 12, 2010
Tuesday PM

I lied to my children.

I taught them responsibility, integrity, respect, to live within their means, and to have a strong work ethic so they could strive for The American Dream. Yet, for the past twenty months, my children kept asking me why most politicians don't have the same qualities.

How does a parent explain to a child why it's all right to fail and be bailed out with someone else's money? How do I justify not having to make their own decisions, when the government will make those decisions for them? How do I put into plain words why they have to pay more taxes and give up more of their hard-earned dollars so someone else can go on welfare and buy drugs?

I feel as if I failed as a parent, because I can't compete with our politicians. When they talk about passing on tax dollars to someone who didn't earn them, I can't look them in the eye and say it's authorized by the Constitution. I have no recourse but to tell them the truth: dishonest politicians stole their money and gave it to someone lacking scruples.

I also taught them to vote for candidates with the highest moral fiber, courage, and integrity. And that not all candidates will tell you what you want to hear, but what is best for America so they can live The American Dream.

We sat down and discussed the race for the U.S. Senate. I asked my children to compare the platforms and qualities of the candidates based on the same values I raised them to have. I also asked them to ascertain which candidate is in compliance with the U.S. Constitution and who will provide the greatest opportunity for them to live The American Dream.

Without any further influence from me, they chose Joe Miller. I am proud of them. When I asked why they chose Mr. Miller, they stated that Joe came from an honorable background and had no despotic beliefs.

Children said that. Why can't you? Please, vote for Joe Miller.

A concerned Alaskan Citizen.

Marla House
Fairbanks, AK


Received October 07, 2010 - Published October 12, 2010



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