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Questions for Mr. Miller and his supporters
Vicki Harsha


October 04, 2010

To the supporters of Joe Miller's campaign, can you respond to these questions? I have asked the campaign directly, but was told:

"Thank you for contacting the Joe Miller for US Senate Campaign. Joe's goal is to respond to your message promptly but due to his busy travel schedule, your patience and understanding is appreciated."

Why has he not filed his Senate Financials, per the guidelines? He told the nation, via Fox News On the Record that he would have them filed Friday, Oct 1, 2010.

Per the guidelines, he can be fined up to $50,000 for late or non filing. He is 5 months late in filing. Will he use his personal funds to pay any fines that may be assessed, rather than use campaign funds or funds donated by the government, such as APFD?

Speaking of APFD, will he return those dividends and the dividends of his 8 children to the State of Alaska because he does not believe in government handouts? As a parent, he is directly responsible for teaching his children integrity and honesty.

When he applied for and received a low income Fishing and Hunting License, how did he qualify for low income at the same time he was qualifying for a $92,000 mortgage?

Also, how did he meet the Alaska state resident eligibility requirement, on said application, when it was clear that he had not resided in Alaska for the previous 12 months?

Why did he oppose the investigation into Troopergate for Sara Palin? Does he not believe in transparency of government officials?

Why does he not believe in Social Security, Medicare, Welfare and Unemployment Insurance? What will he do to help the senior citizens of Alaska that rely on and have paid into these entitlements all of their working lives?

How will eliminating Unemployment Insurance bring back jobs to our state, and our nation? Recipients of Unemployment benefits are trying to feed their families and keep their homes. They want to work, rather than collect their benefits.

How will he get Alaska lands out of the Federal Government control and back into the control of the State of Alaska?

This is some of the platform that Mr. Miller is campaigning for. I believe the residents of Alaska will tell him, at the polls, they do not believe in the same ideals.

As more information becomes available regarding Joe Miller, I am sure I will have more questions.

When will he be available to answer the concerns and questions of the residents of Alaska?

Thank you.

Vicki Harsha
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Concerned about Mr. Miller's integrity and his possible election to represent Alaska in the US Senate. I will be supporting Lisa Murkowski as a write in candidate. "

Received October 04, 2010 - Published October 04, 2010


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