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By Alice and Gene Sloan


October 19, 2009

If a family must move from their tribal area to find work, why must they be removed from the rolls? If a spouse chooses to live near their partner's family in a different community as many do, why should they be disenrolled/disenfranchised? In this vast world that is becoming smaller everyday with communicaton and travel, why must this type of action be taken?

This is a form of genocide. First it will be a few, then it will be more families until one day there are only a handful that will rule as a dictatorship. It is a very sad day for Indian people when we fail to protect our own. Everyday the US Government is mentioned as an enemy who destroyed hundreds of thousands of Indian people and yet if Prop 2 passed the people who vote for this will be no different. It won't be the US Government any longer it will be Indian against Indian and what shame that would bring. Have we not learned from the trials and tribulations of our ancestors? Indian people stood tall and proud in fighting for their rights and now it looks and feels like it will be no different than what our ancestors encountered against other invaders. How far we have come to learn so little. We encourage you to vote against Proposition 2 and be the people that you need to be. One day these acts of disenrollment, moratoriums, reclassifications, disenfranchisement etc... will be the stopping point of tribes being able to determine their own membership.

One day we will no longer being given the rights of democracy and our quasi-sovereign governments will no longer be trusted to treat their people right. These individuals who want to hurt other families by eliminating them from the rolls will be no different that Saddam Husein or Adoph Hilter and when the will of the people comes together those who are evil will be left with nothing. Think very carefully if this is what you really want and ask yourself what if it were to happen to me or one of my own. Search within your heart and you will find the answer if you listen. Check out or AIRRO (American Indian Rights and Resources Organization) look at the stories, read up on the literature and feel it with the compassion and empathy that is needed to understand. Will you be next? Will one of your children be next? No one can predict the future and the what ifs can be many. Look for the underlying reasons for this action and ask yourself why now? This is not the way of our people. We have always taken care of our own and this is not the time to change this.

Alice and Gene Sloan
Laytonville, CA

About: " My family was disenrolled in 1995 from their lifelong tribe. They are lineal descendents of the last captain of the tribe and have historical data going back before the 1928 enrollment act of California. We are viewed as tribal members by the BIA and DOI, yet the tribal council refuses budge. My family did nothing wrong and the dictators think nothing of complete genocide of one entire family. We have been fighting disenrollment with many others and were founding members of AIRRO (American Indian Rights and Resources Organization). See also as there are many more stories there."

Received October 18, 2009 - Published October 19, 2009


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