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Kids at bus stops
By Karen Brown


October 17, 2009

Every morning I take my foster grandson to the bus stop. We sit and wait until the bus leaves for Fawn Mountain. In the last few mornings we have watched children from the Houghtling Bus Stop. We have watched them fighting with each other. One morning, one little boy was being sat on while others were "tickling" him, rocks are thrown at kids and at other people's property. There are a lot of children here and some are rather small and can't fight back. My daughter went over and rescued the little boy who was being sat on, the day before or sometime last week she spoke to them about throwing rocks at each other and property.

I feel someone needs to monitor this area and stop this behavior before some one gets hurt or something gets broken. One small boy threatened us with his mother but he knew we knew him from the neighborhood so he had better not rock the boat.

If your child is at the bus stop on Schoenbar by the Recreation Center, maybe you should drive by some morning and see what your children are up to. We only want the best for the kids and that they not get into trouble by destroying other people's property.


Karen Brown
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 13, 2009 - Published October 17, 2009


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