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Swimming Pool
By Kim O'Shea


October 05, 2009

To the Community of Ketchikan:

It is refreshing to see your support for development of a community facility. You have certainly hit the needs of many of our aquatic facility that can accommodate everyone. Every day, we are seeing the need for pools that aqua-aerobics, hydrotherapy, lessons programs and competitive clubs can use.

Unfortunately, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14 in the US. By building a new facility that can support all the children of your community learning to swim, you are giving your kids a skill that can help combat childhood diabetes, obesity, as well as life-saving knowledge. Swim lessons give young children confidence, and swimming is an exercise than can be done for a lifetime.

Your local competitive swim club, the Ketchikan Killer Whales, has the mission statement, "Killer Whales strives for the athlete to attain maximum potential as both a swimmer and a contributing team member, and encourages a family-oriented experience, where the parents can play an active role in their swimmer's and the club's development."

With quality training time in your new facility, you are helping this mission become reality. You are helping to develop stronger athletes and stronger individuals. The Killer Whales swimmers are becoming more productive citizens-- with better work ethics, self discipline, time management skills, and sportsmanship by being involved in the program in your community pool.

Best of luck to you in developing this wonderful community facility!

Kim O'Shea
Make a Splash Program Manager
USA Swimming
Colorado Springs, CO

Received October 02, 2009 - Published October 05, 2009


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