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High Costs & Judgmental Medicine
By Ken Parks


October 05, 2009

I was transported in 07 to Harborview Medical Center for injuries sustained during an auto accident I didn't cause, the bill just about killed me as the amount exceeded any expectation I could have afforded.... 25,000 dollars for a 2 hour flight with life support was the amount to fly with Guardian Flight. I realize we have to pay for our services that are provided, but that's a little steep by me. I could have died, without the assistance, but it seems to be a little extreme don't you think????

We need the medical ability here to deal with these emergencies, and not the ridiculous excuse of a medical facility we have now. I hear complaints about care or lack of caring we feel we get from our local medical staff. Five hour stays to be seen by an emergency doctor is unacceptable, and the lack of proper pain management is atrocious. I have friends, myself, and associates who feel like they are pulling teeth to get any help from a doctor here. We are disappointed to be treated like drug addicts, we are just not pain addicts thank you very much.

We also don't like paying to be told, sorry, can't help you, or try our experimental drugs, they work sometimes, as they make you dizzy, kill your kidneys, or whatever. I agree that there are losers abusing the drugs, but it's not the doctor's job to decide who is guilty of being a druggie, it's the police who do that.

Denying us our meds just creates injustice and honestly, resentment. I will not go to this hospital unless someone drags my body in there without my permission as I get no help worth paying for anyway.

For our wellbeing, we need help, mental, physical, and spiritual, these are in the charter for our hospital, so let's get on with what we promise, and stop judgmental medicine.
Thank you

Ken Parks
Concerned Citizen
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 04, 2009 - Published October 05, 2009



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