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School Zones: Slow Down the Speed Limit is 20mph
By Amber Anderson


October 05, 2009

Failure to enforce the school zone speed limits are a tragedy in waiting. I am appalled at the lack of concern of our children's' safety here in Ketchikan. Over the course of a year I have witnessed that most drivers drive far above the posted limit. These drivers do not come into any stereotype. Offenders to yield to this school zone are young, middle aged and older. They are city bus drivers, cab drivers, city workers, people dropping their kids off at school and those going to work. The worst time is during the time children are walking to school and their bus stops and then again when school lets out, for these times are when everyone is in a hurry getting to school, work or returning home. I know this because I stand with my children as we wait for their buses. I stand out there on Schoenbar every morning and afternoon. Schoenbar has a bend in the road across from the charter schools and there are kids walking along the opposite side of the road where there is no sidewalk. Cars drive so fast around the bend that they often have to slam on their brakes just in time to notice a school bus with their flashing lights. Or worse blow past them. In addition, cars often don't stop for children at the cross walks.

Unfortunately I was naive when we first moved here a year ago and bought our first home on this very bend. I thought it would be safe for most of the time due to the school zone of 20mph. For those of you who may not know the speed limit is 25mph and 20mph when the caution lights are flashing. I'm not sure when the lights begin the flash, but I know they keep flashing until 4:00PM.

Another contributing issue I have noticed are cell phones. The worst part is when drivers are texting while driving around a bend at a high rate of speed in a school zone. I personally have been in the middle of walking my children across the street to meeting such drivers in a near miss. Yes, I am frightened for my children's safety, but also for all the other children that face these dangers each day.

My husband and I are trying to make this hazard known to protect the lives of children, yours and ours. We have notified the First Student bus service and have gotten a great response. We have noticed a great difference in this past week. Thank you First Student for realizing the importance in this matter and helping to make a change in our community for the better.

The Ketchikan Police have also been notified of this matter. We have not noticed any more patrols or any other method to enforce the speed zone in this area as of yet, but hope the Lieutenant will make this a priority.

I know we are all guilty of making mistakes such as speeding even by accident. I only post this because I notice that this high rate of speed in this school zone has been a way of life and it cannot continue.

Amber Anderson
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 03, 2009 - Published October 05, 2009


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