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Customer Service
By Lisa Martin


October 01, 2009
Thursday PM

I agree when it comes to customer service, despite if it's minimum wage or not. WE all work for our money and would like it if someone would acknowledge our presence once in a while or make an effort to put forth seeing that we may need help.

I went shopping at Christmas at the big box store, had a hard time finding what I wanted. I didn't mind looking and taking my time. Well, it started taking longer than I wanted and thought maybe I was wasting my time looking. I asked a representative for help. Her comment was. " That's NOT my Department." Okay so I bit my tongue and walked away. Being the nice person I am, I said thanks anyway. I confronted my husband and told him about the service that I didn't get from this particular person. He told me to forget it. Which I did.

Since the discussion is open for opinion. I am taking this time to hopefully enlighten those of you, to let you know, that you're not alone. Unfortunately, this is the only place I see where you can save money. Ketchikan's supply and demands are expensive. So, to the person who made a comment earlier about savings? Darn right. Especially with those that have a family and might just want to save for bigger and better things. This isn't being blown out of too much proportion, I believe some people, such as myself, are tired of spending our hard earned money and not getting NICE service like we're use to. A simple "Hi, HELLO, May I help you?" does it for me. The person greeting you is pretty much the only one that is pleasant when you walk in the door. Have any of you watch Jeff Dunham? Exactly how some would feel. Sorry , bump it up a notch for your local shoppers. Don't forget the surrounding vicinities that come in on the boats and go shopping on the Holidays.

Thanks to those of you who voiced your opinion.

Lisa Martin
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A Site Manager for a 41 Unit complex in Ketchikan. Married, hardworking individual."

Received September October , 2009 - Published October 01, 2009


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