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Re: Important Community Information - The Pool Vote
By Ken Bylund


October 01, 2009
Thursday PM

Rodney Dial's lengthy, and yet chillingly accurate report on the Borough's decision to press on with the Mike Smithers Pool replacement, has gone unchallenged by the promoters for this > $fifty million dollar debt$ < that will be attached to our future... they want it, and if or when they don't want it anymore, they can just sell their property, and move away. Their names are not attached to this loan; it is our property that is attached... does this sound like an alluring consideration for them who might be thinking to move here... or another reason to leave?

The question that comes to mind is... what the mayor and assembly persons will do with the [old] Mike Smithers pool when the new pool is finished? Will it be dismantled? Filled in, turned into a bowling alley or roller rink? Or will they decide... Hey!!! We can renovate the Mike Smithers pool for only another fifteen million or so, and have two pools, after all it's for the children! More debt, more maintenance costs, oh yeah... wait for that next shoe to drop and hit us between the eyes, and you don't even have to go through all those pesky loan documents... the mayor will do that for you... what a guy!

So this begs the question; why not just do that? Spend a third the cost of building that palatial spa for 5% of them who will be paying for it the rest of their lives, and keep its present location? Just a thought. And another thought comes to mind - that of the coming election - and elections of the past; ever consider writing NOTAAA [None of the Above are Acceptable] in the write in candidate line? Who remembers Nixon vs. Humphrey... that's when this thought first occurred to me.

Seems fewer choices [politicians] are listening to the will of the people, and the news media [them loyal watchdogs... right!] picks two out of a lineup vetted by special interest groups, and we go through the same dizzying, absurd, useless dance; when is the last time you can remember any politician doing what they said they were going to do... read my lips, most transparent administration ever, fight crime, fraud and waste? Hey, current politicians give new meaning to the term, toxic waste! From here on out, I will be using the write in candidate line... to write in my choice; None of the Above are Acceptable!

Read carefully, Mr. Dial's report on the state of our island's financial viability, and consider the future in this unstable national and world economy; is this the right time to proceed with exorbitant public debt, because Oct 6th isn't just another election - this is a test - make a choice we can all live with. Refurbish the Mike Smithers Pool, the location is right, exactly where folks want it to be, and the cost is a third of what them aristocrats rolling those dice want. We choose... choose wisely, grasshopper!

Ken Bylund
North Point Higgins
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 01, 2009 - Published October 01, 2009


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