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Gas prices & school lunches
By Rebecca Clark


October 31, 2008
Friday AM

Cathy Geer, you are absolutely right in my opinion; send a letter to the Governor over our blatant over priced gas in this town! My daughter was in Anchorage last week and saw the price of gas at $3.43 a gallon in many places; this before the "big" drop we saw the other day (here, it was $4.17 still). This mixing the gas for an average is a bunch of hokie! Mr. Wingrin asked the question we ALL our thinking (and some are asking): When the price of oil increases (elsewhere or by the barrel) we see an immediate increase in Ketchikan. Shouldn't it take that MONTH to see an increase??!!!

Yeah, Safeway even dropped gas to $3.95 the other day for an approximate 3 hours then put it back to $3.99! Hmm??? The paper said there was an investigation years back about this same kind of occurance. However, it was found "inconclusive". Imagine that!? I for one will be sending a letter to Governor Palin asking her to take care of our Great State while she is still Governor of it!

I would also like to comment on the decision to raise school lunch prices. Okay, it's not by much but that is not the point. Our schools are equipped with beautiful kitchens; that never get used! Bagged lunches are made in the morning (?) and delivered to all the schools in the district by lunch time. There have been several occasions where things have been "bad" in the lunches and the kids who had a school lunch that day had to toss them. Credit, no. If you're going to raise the price of school lunch then why not give the kids a "hot meal" from the lunch line??

Rebecca Clark
Ketchikan, AK

About: "As many, struggling citizen over gas prices!"

Received October 30, 2008 - Published October 31, 2008


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