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Non Partisan Crack Pipes
By Ken Lewis


October 29, 2008
Wednesday AM

Liar, Liar Fiber Optics on Fire... If anything is abundantly clear to me about this 2008 Presidential Campaign, it is this; all journalist and talking heads should have to live up to the same standards of the Major League Baseball Players they love to burn at the stake! Yes that is right, Drug Test Them All.

Honestly, think about it. When a non threatening ball goes a long way, and if the man has big forearms, a pack of Tokyo Rose Jackals will right all the world's wrongs with their envious hateful spew. This same group of drive-by wimps picked last for dodge ball, will help the simpler mind (ME ONLY) form my opinion via a sewage outfall called television! They do so under the influence of lord knows what?

Yes, and let's drug test their Professors who taught them this art of smoke and mirror pseudo-factoid mean girl tactic. These are the ones who had their glasses broke playing dodge ball, and they still hate Jocks to this day. Disclosure, Ken approves of this message and will hang any chad he wants too. So Nanny-Nanny-Nanny Goat. Heck maybe I will choose to let ACORN hang thousands of chads for me. Now that's democracy times a whole lot.

And that is the only VOTE I WANT TO MAKE! This will make a difference and change this great nation called the United States of America. Give these spew masters equal rights to the next sophomore who makes the Local High School Varsity Cut! Now that's a Fairness Doctrine. As the famous Ms. Hilton says, I'm no Rocket Surgeon.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I would run for office, but the media could bribe people with a six pack to dump on me."

Received October 26, 2008 - Published October 29, 2008


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