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Why Gas is Costing Alaskans
By Jeff Whitesides


October 29, 2008
Wednesday AM

I have heard complaints several times lately about the expensive gas prices here in K-town. Well this is my theory on the matter; they are stealing our dividends.

They know we get dividends so they hike up all the prices here on the island, not just the gas, to take what we Alaskans deserve. Family members from Kenai and Anchorage have come here and have told us that Ketchikan is robbing us. Well, who cares about a bunch of people on an island where it rains all the time? What can they do? They don't even have a bowling alley.

Groceries alone are enough to break most people here, that's why alot of people here live off the system because without it they would starve. When the grocery stores here have sales, you still pay more than what normal prices are somewhere else. Can you blame these shipping companies like AML for this? No, you can't. It's 100% greed. The stench of profit is reaching many people's noses.

I have always wondered why it costs less to fly from Miami to Seattle than it does to fly from Ketchikan to Seattle?? Ever wondered why?

What can we do? Don't buy the gas... start walking or riding a bike because it's only going to get worse.

Jeff Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Born and raised in Ketchikan."

Received October 29, 2008 - Published October 29, 2008



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