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Problem with way money spent
By Robert McRoberts


October 25, 2008
Saturday PM

I really have a problem with the way you have decided to spend money that was meant to make life better for the people who put up with the boat loads of tourist. For one, when you guys give money to the church it kind of goes against the laws of separation of church and state.

The members of the church should deal with the sprinkler system, not the government. Let's not get in to saving every building on our dime. Besides if Saint John's Church has the money to put in a wood parking lot, the place will probably be burned up from someone from outside any way. I really thought we were trying to remove the wood docks to keep downtown from going up in smoke.

But with that said, let's get back to improving our infrastructure. Without strong infrastructure we are heading for a burn out. It rains here and we need to build a transportation system that is carrying its own weight. The bus would have more riders if riders were not out standing in the blowing rain waiting for a bus that they have no idea what time it comes because we do not have a place to put in a schedule. with more bus shelters we create a place for kids to wait for the busses. That's multi use.

The way things keep getting all messed up these days let's get back to building a community that can still survive after the tourist stop coming -- and that will happen just like the gold rush.

And really, can we vote to decide if we even need a new library?

Well that's my opinion again have a nice day.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

About: Grew up, lived and worked around this town since 69. I understand what we need. but most important, I pay attention to what other communities do that I've visited in my travels.

Received October 24, 2008 - Published October 25, 2008


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