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Gas prices
By David Hanger


October 21, 2008
Tuesday PM

The price of gasoline in San Antonio 10-20-08 is $2.45 a gallon, down 15 cents from what it was last Thursday when I arrived. Prices are falling dramatically daily. When I left here for field work in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky the first week in September, slipping out between hurricanes, the price of gas was $3.65. Even with the pipelines shut off to the southeastern states the most I paid for gas was $3.91, though that did require some shopping.

When I left Ketchikan in June to pet sit for my sister in Washington state, who then came to Ketchikan for a month or so, the price of gas in Ketchikan was $3.88 while the price from Everett to Vancouver was $4.05 to $4.25. Only in August did the price start going down, and since I traveled through much of the west that month, nowhere did the price exceed $3.75.

I notice that while prices have been going down rapidly everywhere else, prices actually went up in Ketchikan during the same time period. Greed 'en masse' wrecked the stock market, and will damage it more before all is said and done. Greed by a small handful of individuals in Ketchikan is all that is necessary to wreck that town. When you run out of money, just give your keys to the gas gluts. Let them make whore's meat out of what is left.

$2.45 a gallon and falling. And you still think the Republicans have an answer for anything? Hint: Your Ketchikan gas czars are not Democrats; they are selfish, greedy Republican plutocrats. Their sense of entitlement is very strong, their intellect is inordinately shallow, and their avarice is unbounded. You are just ants under their feet.

David Hanger
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 21, 2008 - Published October 21, 2008


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