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By Michelle Fry


October 06, 2008

Mr. White, I agree one hundred percent that everyone should read the public forum prior to voting. However, how can the citizens of Ketchikan properly vote if 1) the candidates running do not provide a statement about themselves and 2) provide information about what their plans are for the city. It seems as if those running feel a statement would be a waste of time. Why? Because running for office in Ketchikan is just a popularity contest. The perception of this mentality is that I have this in the bag no need to waste my time with a statement. I find this very disappointing, disturbing, and highly deceptive.

The candidates running should be REQUIRED to 1) provide a statement, 2) experience in the area they are running, 3) any education they may have in the field, and 4) provide benchmarks on their past performance of what they said they were going to do in the last election. Why? Because this is a job application process representing the citizens of Ketchikan, not their own interests. As it stands, a vote is given on who you know, what you do, and how long you have lived in Ketchikan. PLEASE! Over the years I have witnessed individuals sitting on the school board who do not have an education beyond a HS diploma. Can they honestly determine the best solution and/or guide our future generation in the right direction when they are a product of their own environment?

I am saddened by the lack of respect shown to the public by these individuals that are elected to represent the majority while their true interests are transparent. Based on the track record of most of these candidates, we might as well find the most popular ape at the zoo and put him in office.

One last thing, if the people of Ketchikan do not stand up and DEMAND change, everything will stay the same. If everything stays the same, do not moan and groan in the Sitnews that you are sick and tired of how things are being run. Break the chain of poor leadership.

Michelle Fry
Ketchikan property owner
Port Saint Lucie, FL


Received October 05, 2008 - Published October 06, 2008


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