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North Point Higgins' "Watchdogs"
By Melissa O'Bryan


October 06, 2008

I live on North Point Higgins Road and walk my dog on this road (almost) daily. For anyone not familiar with dog walking on North Point Higgins a typical walk involves no less than 4 sometimes as many as 6 dogs either following you or barking at you and sniffing at your dog.

I finally got so tired of my dog pulling me around that I bought him a choke chain and a gentle leader training collar. I don't feel I should have to resort to this when my dog is doing nothing other than walking with me, but he is a puppy and still learning. I seldom have to use them anymore but I still can't let my kids walk him for fear he'll pull them down to avoid another dogs "playful" manner.

I have never been bitten but for someone who is a little skittish of dogs unless I've been around them for any period of time, this can be a little intimidating.

Please people- my dog runs off; it happens, and when he does I either get a nice phone call from a wonderful neighbor or I go and find him. Keep your pets in your yard where they belong unless they are tied up or being walked. It is incredibly frustrating and also makes for a not so peaceful walk. I feel lucky to have North Point Higgins Road to walk on at night, it's lit up, it's paved, I feel safe, but I get very tired of avoiding the "watchdogs" that watch the entire road.

Melissa O'Bryan
Ketchikan, AK

About: "North Pt. homeowner also a little tired of the dog situation."

Received October 05, 2008 - Published October 06, 2008


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