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Pet Safety, Please!
By Stephanie Bailey


October 04, 2008

I was an unfortunate witness to a dog being hit by a car earlier this week on North Point Higgins Rd. While the driver of the SUV was very likely driving faster than the posted 25mph speed limit, the dog was IN the road in front of its house which is located right along a bend, and therefore would have been difficult to avoid. A few minutes after this incident took place, a pair of women came walking by on the sidewalk here, their dogs unleashed and in the roadway. A few days later, I saw another dog just a few houses down sitting lazily smack on the yellow lines in the middle of the road on this same bend. I waved frantically at a truck coming along the bend to get the driver to slow down in time to see the animal, which he did, because the dog sure wasn't moving in a hurry.

The leash law not abiding, my question is, if you love and care about the welfare of your pet, why allow it to roam in this way along a main road? As an absolute animal-lover, I urge pet-owners to keep their dogs leashed, or contained in their yards in some way. I for one would feel horrible if I accidentally hit your dog because you were not responsible enough to take the proper precautions. Our pets deserve better treatment than this.

Stephanie Bailey
Ketchikan, AK

About: "North Ketchikan Resident"

Received October 04, 2008 - Published October 04, 2008



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