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New blood & ideas needed
By Eileen Small


October 04, 2008

Mayor Weinstein may be a kind and gentle man. I don't know him personally so I cannot comment. However having lived here 10 plus years, I CAN honestly attest to saying that I have never seen him accomplish ANYTHING!!! We need some new blood and new ideas!

Mayor Weinstein sees himself as a huge fish in this tiny pond (thus the CNN reports etc). We need to hold him accountable - and as with so many politicians both local and in higher government - VOTE HIM OUT AT THE NEXT ELECTION AND TRY FOR SOME NEW IDEAS THAT WOULD REALLY HELP BRING Ketchikan to its potential.

We may be a small town but we don't have to THINK small! This man has governed and done zilch way too long - if we keep voting in worthlessness, it's OUR fault not theirs'!!!!. I mean a politician will take a win ANYTIME they can get it --- they don't weigh their soul for honesty and deservability.

Next election - vote for ANYONE but Weinstein - he has had more than his time --- and done ZERO with it but promote himself!

Eileen Small
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 01, 2008 - Published October 04, 2008


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